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Sage Francis - Sick OF Waiting Tables, CD

$ 10.00 USD $ 15.00 USD

This cd was issued by Strange Famous in a shrinkwrapped cardboard sleeve.

Edited and mixed by Joe Beats.
1. Can I Kick It?
2. Vital Signs
3. Drop Bass
4. Who's Crying? (Recorded live at Bill's Bar for the UGHH Anniversary
5. Rewrite
6. Day Grows Old (featuring Slug)
7. Last True School Intro
8. Narcissist (Live on 90.3 WRIU)
9. The Emperor's New Clothing
10. Orphanage Freestyle Pt I (featuring Aesop Rock, Slug & Eyedea)
11. Intuition (featuring Jaysonic)
12. Hot 106 Shout Out
13. When Freedom Rings
14. Whip It
15. Follow Me Snippet Verse
16. Gun Gods (featuring Louie Rankin)
17. Clokworx And Sage On 88.9 WBRU
18. Vocab, Phes, And Sage On 90.3 WRIU
19. Best Of The Underground Kid Battle On 90.3 WRIU
20. I Apologize (featuring Sole)
21. Trite
22. Oliver Twisted
23. Testimony (featuring Sole)
24. I Keep Calling
25. Respect The Brocolli Cock
26. We're Not Gonna' Take It
27. Swedish Fish
28. Orphanage Freestyle Part II (featuring Aesop Rock, Slug & Eyedea)
29. Bounce (Live)
30. MC Shut Up

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