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Saafir - Good Game: The Transition, CD

Saafir - Good Game: The Transition, CD

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Saafir has always managed to occupy that rare space in hip-hop, an emcee's emcee, with rap style and swagger. On his 4th LP, aptly titled Good Game: The Transition, Saafir aka Shaft Sizzle picks right up where he left off with The Hit List, but with a different twist. Saafir not only spits that style he's become famous for, he also takes takes fans though life changing experiences endured over the past 4 years. On "One of The Hardest", Saafir offers an insightful yet thought-provoking glimpse into surviving a plane crash. Overall Good Game , Saafir demonstrates yet again he's one of the few emcees that's truly built to walk that line between underground hip-hop and rap successfully.



1. Crispy 
2. Cash Me Out
3. One of the Hardest 
4. In My Own Words
5. Take Your Time 
6. Skit #1
7. Get Busy 
8. Skit #2
9. Devotion (feat. Mike Marshall)
10. Brand New (feat. Mykytn) 
11. Skit #3
12. Technology (feat. Niccerachi)
13. Daddy's IG
14. Hey Baby 
15. I Have To
16. Skit #4
17. Jihad

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