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Sa Smash - Smashy Trashy, 2XLP Vinyl

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The debut album from S.A. Smash featuring guest appearances by Vast Aire, Aesop Rock, and Cage!

1. Intro Skit: Smash TV feat. Cage
2. Robot
3. Clout
4. Skit: Get Home
5. Illy
6. Weird
7. Slide On 'Em (Escapade) feat. Vast Aire
8. Love To Hate
9. A.A.
10. Jerseyed Out
11. Love To F*ck feat. Aesop Rock
12. Old Man Trigger (Skit)/I Know What You're Thinking
13. Last Night
14. Body
15. Bang
16. Gangsta
17. Spot Tonight

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