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Roy Ayers

Roy Ayers - Center Of The World Men's Shirt, Green

Roy Ayers - Center Of The World Men's Shirt, Green

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The continent of Africa encompassed in the center of the globe on a men's tee.

All proceeds generated from t-shirt sales go to help fund the Roy Ayers Documentary.

The Roy Ayers Project is a multitude of things, brought to you by a small group of individuals dedicated to preserving and exposing the art and history of music and culture. It is first and foremost a documentary, produced by digital media professionals, telling the life, music, and philosophy of the great Roy Ayers.  It is also art, talented artists who use their gifts to express themselves through canvas, murals, and other mediums capturing the spirit of Roy Ayers. It is also performance, bring together Roy Ayers himself with talent musicians to perform live at venues across the country. The Roy Ayers Project is about sharing the essence and legacy of one of the greatest musicians ever to live.
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