Roots Manuva - Awfully Deep, CD

$ 14.98

Third full-length from UK hip-hop artist, Roots Manuva. 51 minutes of Manuva dub-wise hip-hop style. His most 'dub-wise' record to date, the cavernous echoes adding further dimensions, the 'barrage of bass' as ever, as deep as it comes.

01 Mind 2 Motion
02 Awfully Deep
03 Cause 4 Pause
04 Colossal Insight
05 Too Cold
06 A Haunting
07 Rebel Heart
08 Chin High
09 Babylon Medicine
10 Pause 4 Cause
11 Move Ya Loin (fea. Lotek)
12 Thinking
13 The Falling
14 Toothbrush

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