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Romanowski - Party In My Pants, CD

Romanowski - Party In My Pants, CD

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The Second in the series of Roman's records, Party In My Pants is an up-tempo album that was engineered for dance floors and, in Romanowskis own words, to satisfy the breakdancers in my head. Eclectic yet kinetic, Party in My Pants weaves in and out of different musical motifs, fusing elements of cock rock, electro, and hip hop styles while maintaining a distinct dance floor sensibility and a distinct sense of humor. The albums technical virtuosity will satisfy hardcore beat fanatics, while the deep dance grooves appeal to those just looking for some solid breaks and big time fun.


01 Party in My Pants
02 Up to No Good
03 Strudel Strut
04 Train Song
05 Dance Dance Dance
06 Days and Daze
07 Lord of the Pants
08 ET's Phone Bill
09 Taliban Rockers
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