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Now Again

Richard Marks - Love is Gone: the Lost Sessions 1969-1977 2xLP

Richard Marks - Love is Gone: the Lost Sessions 1969-1977 2xLP

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Marks’ story is that of an unsung soul and funk hero; he was a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter whose phone number was in Al Green’s, Barry White’s and Eddie Kendricks’ rolodexes, but his talents have only been heard in sporadic bursts.  These songs were found on reels in his home and show his development from his work for the Tuska label in the late ‘60s to smaller regional labels in the late 70's. 

Marks died of cancer in May 2006, and did was unable to see the release a full LP of his music during his lifetime.

It also contains an extensive booklet by Brian Poust detailing Marks’ story.  This release was part of the Now Again Reserve, but these copies are not numbered.

Track Listing:

A1 Your Friends (Broke Up My Home)
A2 Trying To Survive
A3 It's Been Kinda Hard
A4 Down On Broadway
A5 I'm The Man For You (Master Tape Version)
A6 Crackerjack (Master Tape Version)
A7 Never Satisfied (Master Tape Version)

B1 Love And Hate
B2 Don't Need Your Love
B3 I'm With You Love (Acoustic Version)
B4 Coming Back Home To You
B5 People In The World Today
B6 Simple, Carefree Life
B7 Challenge To A Pretty Woman

C1 On A Minors Tour
C2 I Don't Want To Cry
C3 Love Is Gone (Alternate Version) 
C4 Speak Now (Alternate Version)
C5 Don't Take It Out On Me
C6 China Doll (Extended Version)

D1 Freeway Crowd (Instrumental)
D2 Working Hard (Instrumental)
D3 China Doll (Short Version)
D4 She's A Real Woman
D5 Untitled (Instrumental)
D6 Sugar, Sugar (How I Want To Be Your Man)


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