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Crown City Rockers

Raashan Ahmad - (Autographed) B-sides, Bootlegs, Rarities, Mixed CD

Raashan Ahmad - (Autographed) B-sides, Bootlegs, Rarities, Mixed CD

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Autographed while supplies last. Crown City Rockers own emcee, Raashan Ahmad's "Official" mixtape featuring unreleased and vinyl only Crown City Rockers joints plus solo songs featuring collabs with Thes 1 (p.u.t.s.), P.E.A.C.E., J boogie, Fakts 1 (the perceptionists), Mitsu the Beats, D.J. Zeph, Alex Newman from Giant Panda and many more.

Track Listing:
01 Intro feat. and produced by Kat Quano (unreleased)
02 Don't Stop - produced and cuts by Fakts 1 [The Perceptionists] (unreleased)
03 Doin' It - feat. and produced by Thes 1 [People Under the Stairs] from Doin' It 12" on Tres Records
04 Revolution - produced by Afrodesiac Sound System [from the 12" on Kashmere Recordings]
05 Time Machine Radio - produced by Mekalek [from the Time Machine Radio Mixtape]
06 Weekend Soul RMX - produced by DJ Mitsu the Beats [from the Crown City Rockers Japan album]
07 Oh - feat. J.B.L. produced by Raashan Ahmad [unreleased]
08 Beautiful - produced by DJ Tonk [from the DJ Tonk album "Love" and 12" on Kashmere Recordings]
09 Sound Good? - feat. Alex Newman [Giant Panda] produced by Woodstock (unreleased)
10 Another Day RMX - produced by Headnodic (unreleased)
11 Floorwax - produced by DJ Zeph [from DJ Zeph album Sunset Scavenger on Wide Hive Records]
12 Lunchroom Table - Table beating and beatbox by Raashan Ahmad
13 What you wanna do? - produced by Headnodic [from The Crown City Rockers Japan album]
14 Good Co. - feat. and produced by Thes 1 [from the Doin' It 12" on Thes Records]
15 Wonder - produced by Plate Fork Knife Spoon feat. Erik Krasno [from the Self-Titled album on Wide Hive Records]
16 P.S.K - produced by Headnodic (unreleased)
17 Lay Some Treats - produced by Headnodic (unreleased)
18 Breathe - feat. Siswe [Lunar Heights] produced by Crown City Rockers [from Japan only 45]
19 Rewind - produced by the Fingerbangerz [from the Fingerbangerz album VI-R-US)
20. Who Are You?-produced by Mike Walti (unreleased)
21. Purple Perpindicular Phonics - featuring P.E.A.C.E. from Freestyle Fellowship
22. The Dogs - produced Crown City Rockers
23. Another Day Remix - produced by Kat Ouano (unreleased)
24. Outro-produced by Max Macveety (unreleased)

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