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Preserving Efforts Vol. 1: Classic Hip Hop Video Archive, DVD

Preserving Efforts Vol. 1: Classic Hip Hop Video Archive, DVD

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Preserving Efforts vol.1 contains 14 rap videos from five different countries and includes special features and additional facts about each video such as filming locations, budgets and the time to create each clip. Every year, artists from around the world put vision to their music in the form of a video clip. Many of these clips are seen on television a few times by a limited number of people yet cost much time, money and effort to create. The Preserving Efforts series helps to bridge the gap between the artists who take the time to create a video clip for their music and the music fans who want to view these clips on demand! Artists include Atmosphere, Guru, Living Legends, and more!

Running Time: 58 Minutes

 Track Listing:

1. Atmosphere - 'Say Hey There'
2. Bliss N Eso - 'Then Till Now'
3. Def Tex - 'Freaks'
4. Guru - 'Hood Dreamin'"
5. Koolism - 'Adrenalin'
6. Living Legends - 'Down For Nothin'"
7. Mnemonic Ascent - 'Hold Back'
8. Muphin - 'A Better Man'
9. Murs - 'HUSTLE'
10. Pete Philly & Perquisite - 'Grateful'
11. The Optimen - 'Give It Up'
12. Tzu - 'Dam Busters'
13. Urthboy - 'Come Around'
14. Wordburglar - 'The Wordburglar'

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