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Pieces Of Peace - S/T, LP Vinyl

Pieces Of Peace - S/T, LP Vinyl

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Unearthed by DJ Shadow, Rob Sevier and Dante Carfagna exclusively for Cali Tex Records, Pieces of Peace is Chicago's Holy Grail of funk. Arguably the most important group in Chicago in their prime, Pieces of Peace managed to disappear without any trace at all, save for their criminally scarce single and a few errant mentions in the limited histories available of the Chicago soul sound. With this LP release, the Pieces of Peace begin to get their just due, not just as able session musicians, but also as a unique and creative band with progression as their focus. A group that synthesized all aspects of Black music in the Windy City and forged their own spiritual funk sound, the Pieces of Peace have finally been put back together.

Track Listing:

Side A
1 Cease Fire
2 Pollution
3 Flunky for Your Love
4 I Still Care

Side B
5 Peace and Blessings
6 Yesterday's Visions
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