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People Under The Stairs - Carried Away, CD

People Under The Stairs - Carried Away, CD

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Fresh off major 180,000+ festival gigs at Coachella and Bonnaroo (Best Performance. Period. SPIN MAGAZINE), the highly acclaimed and everyone's favorite duo, People Under The Stairs are back with their 7th artist album, Carried Away. Fans of PUTS records know that unlike other hip hop / rap artists, there are no outside producers or of-the-moment guest emcees. People Under the Stairs are a completely true independent hip hop duo. Beats, rhymes, scratching, and chorus are all done by PUTS members Thes One and Double K themselves.

Now over ten years and seven albums deep, People Under the Stairs have built a genre within hip hop of their own. Upbeat, crazy, balls to the wall and ridiculous Carried Away follows in true PUTS tradition. 1 part(y) Beastie Boys / 1 part Public Enemy and 1 part Radiohead, the new album was produced old school classic style in the same fashion as Rick Rubin (Def Jam Era) or Dust Brothers (Grand Royal, Pauls Boutique). Recorded entirely on reel to reel with tons of rock samples, distorted vocals, lots of cussing, drum machines, delays, yelling, the works. Wrap that all up with nods to A Tribe Called Quest (Double K does one hell of a Phife Dog), Beastie Boys, Beer, and Luther Vandross and youre guaranteed to get carried away!

On top of all that, the 1st pressing of the physical release will be wrapped around a die cut O-card and a fold out PUTS Party Safety Guide poster. Each CD also comes with a special VIP (Very Important Partier) lanyard that will allow fans to acquire exclusive material at the upcoming People Under the Stairs World Tour kicking off in September (stay tuned for dates on For those who are not able to attend a PUTS show, the VIP lanyard will also be good for exclusive online unreleased material. All these items craft a certified premium physical package that no true fan can deny!

Be prepared for People Under the Stairs to bring back true hip hop like only they can do!

The Double LP is a Full Art Gatefold Vinyl Jacket with a Fold Out Party Guide Poster/ Board Game and features two bonus tracks that are only available on LP.
Track Listing:
1. Step Off
2. Much Too Much
3. Hit The Top
4. Listen
5. Trippin' At The Disco
6. 80 Blocks From Silverlake
7. Beer
8. Come On, Let's Get High
9. Check The Vibe
10. Letter From The Old School
12. Down In LA
13. My Boy D
14. Teeth
15. Creepshow
16. Chicken Kebap
17. Carried Away
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