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Party Fun Action Committee: Lets Get Serious, CD

Party Fun Action Committee: Lets Get Serious, CD

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In the tradition of Cheech and Chong, Beavis and Butthead, and the Jerky Boys, DJX Presents the Party Fun Action Committee! "So funny I pissed my pants" said Jenna Bush.


1. Intro -
2. Mystical Knights Of The Visual Roundtable - 'Brainstorm'
3. Kornhole - 'What Chu Know Now'
4. 'Be My Lady' Intro
5. Flohammed Ali feat. Jamello - 'Be My Lady'
6. A.B.C.D.E.F.Gee - 'I Should Have Known'
7. 'Word Up' Intro
8. Andrew Q. & The Free Jazz Crusaders - 'Word Up'
9. The Bros. Of The Alpha Pi Kappa Fraternity - 'Beer'
10. 'Chapstick' Intro
11. Sweet Pickles and MC Noah Welssman - 'Chapstick'
12. Das Jinglehorse - 'I Am'
13. 'Peter Pan' Intro
14. The Captain Gowns - 'Peter Pan'
15. Tony Simon & Jeremy Gibson - 'Bak 'n' Da Dayz'
16. Outro/Here Comes The Rock
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