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Opio - Triangulation Station, 2xLP Vinyl

Opio - Triangulation Station, 2xLP Vinyl

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Opio's feature full length album, "Triangulation Station", he's definitely using this album to help solidify a map point for Oakland on the map for hip-hop's finest.


01 Viva Main Vein!!
02 Dream...But Don't Stop
03 Confederate Burning
04 Things Do Change
05 Fist Full
06 Granite Earth
07 What's Wrong with This Picture
08 Take My Chances
09 Roxanna
10 For those Who Don't Know
11 Mind, Body, and Soul
12 Drivers Wanted
13 Talk Dirty
14 Perseverance
15 Soundtrack to My Thought Process
16 The Grassy Knoll
17 Puppet on a String
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