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ONE SELF - Children Of Possibility, CD

ONE SELF - Children Of Possibility, CD

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One Self is DJ Vadim, Blu Rum 13, and Yarah Bravo. DJ Vadim produces in a collaboration with Swedish-Brazilian Yarah Bravo and American Blu Rum 13. Their voices, placed together for the first time, mesh into a lyrical, melodic blend which summons up memories of the best of Native Tongues updated for a new century - Blu Rum's gruff, musical gruff, musical growl the ideal foil for Yarah's sweet, octave-hopping, spoken word stylings. Two intelligent MCs with sacks full of ideas but the subtlety not to ram it down your throat.

Track Listing:

01 Fear the Labour
02 Trying to Speak
03 Be Your Own
04 Temptation
05 Over Exposed
06 Bluebird
07 SD2
08 Paranoid
09 Hollow Human Beings
10 Cupid Smiling the Smile
11 Sunshine
12 Unfamiliar Places
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