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OM Records

Om Records - Deep Concentration Vol. 3, CD

Om Records - Deep Concentration Vol. 3, CD

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15 New and Exclusive Tracks from Ming and Fs, Radar, DJ Revolution, DJ Sole, Plagawrists, Planet Asia, DJ Infamous, Danny Breaks, T-Rock and Faust.

"San Francisco has become ground zero for turntablists, and Om Records has put itself at the epicenter.

The third installment of the label's highly regarded Deep Concentration compilation series does not rest on its laurels--it introduces many new names that may not be familiar even to those moderately well-versed in the scene. Not all the contributors are from S.F.--the opening track, from the East Coast's Ming & FS (one of Om's flagship groups), mixes a strong drum & bass flavor into the hip-hop. Many of the performers (Radar, Plagaiwrists, Danny Breaks), specialize in the surgically precise, astonishingly fast cutting and scratching that is turntablism's predominant feature, but others are hip-hoppers who prefer to create their musical backdrops with turntables instead of synthesizers. L.A.'s People Under the Stairs put the vocals first, and Blak Forest (also from L.A.) are one of the real discoveries of the compilation--anyone into any contemporary underground hip-hop (Jurassic 5, Dilated Peoples, Anti-Pop Consortium, Blackalicious, etc.) will want to check them out. Atlanta's T-Rock and Faust combine speedy scratching with mid-'80s electro beats and a nasal vocal delivery reminiscent of Rob Base, and the Highlanders close things out with a snotty, hyperspeed, synth-squelchy track that should appeal to fans of Atari Teenage Riot and similar bands." -- Bob Bannister

1. Human Condition - Ming + FS
2. Antimatter - Radar
3. Hard Rock - DJ Revolution
4. Babylon Rhythm Exorcism - DJ Sole
5. Afternoon Connection - People Under the Stairs
6. Wristy Business - Plagaiwrists
7. Fresno State of Mind - Planet Asia
8. Torture - Infamous
9. Buggin' Out - Space Travelers
10. Act Up - Craze
11. 3:00a in da Morning / Circus of Hell - Cash Money
12. Lovin Every Minute of It - Blak Forest
13. U.F. O [in 3 parts] - Danny Breaks
14. Where Will You Run - T-Rock & Faust
15. Cynicism - Highlanders
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