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Om Records - Deep Concentration Vol. 2 (Deeper Concentration), CD

Om Records - Deep Concentration Vol. 2 (Deeper Concentration), CD

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Deeper Concentration represents a historical moment in which there is a furious and unpredictable cross-pollination taking place. Every track was composed, constructed and manipulated specifically for this compilation - please enjoy.

"The artists featured on this compilation are the (presently) unknown saviors of the genre: turntablist warriors like the Beat Junkies, Mix Master Mike, and Rob Swift of the X-Ecutioners; the subversive art-hop of New York City's illbient DJ Spooky (here with Organized Konfusion); and the more straightforward hip-hop of Mass Influence. It's a shame that many mainstream fans don't know about the cut-up collages of beats and pieces found on Swift's "The Age of Television" or the understated, sublime rapping of Siah and Yeshua DapoED on the aptly titled "The Cure for Stagnation." And unlike in mainstream rap and hip-hop, here the chasm between electronic and hip-hop closes: jungle and dub inch their way next to slow breakbeats while weird, off-kilter rhythms supply a purely instrumental soundtrack and--surprise!--they don't feel a bit out of place next to the rapping and scratching." --Tricia Romano

Released in 1998, "Deeper Concentration" is the critically-acclaimed follow-up to OM Records', "Deep Concentration."

This is an amazing volume, and not to be missed!


1. What It Is - Sole
2. Intersellar Hydroponics - Apollo
3. They Don't Understand - The Beat Junkies
4. Madhattan Bound - DJ Ming
5. Ritual of the Nile - J Boogie
6. Cure for Stagnation - Siah & Yeshua
7. Demo Type Shit - Mass Influence
8. Age of Television - Rob Swift
9. Intermission: Get up and Stretch
10. Murder by Syntax - DJ Spooky
11. Def con 2.01 - Mei Lwun
12. Brother in the Back - Ill Media
13. Schwartz Via Aghaarta - Mix Master Mike
14. Liquidized Language - Task Force
15. Yambooze - Push Button Objects
16. Wireless 2012 - Part 2
17. Course of Action - Scratch Perverts
18. Eddie Def Land - DJ Eddie Def
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