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Oh No - Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms Instrumentals, 2xLP Vinyl

Oh No - Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms Instrumentals, 2xLP Vinyl

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A unique concept album bridging his new-millenium beats with the baroque but funky tunes of the venerable Galt MacDermot. Known primarily as the composer of the lat-60's smash musical HAIR, Mr. MacDermot distilled the essence of R&B rhythms and Broadway melodies into a unique and potent groove for the Age of Aquarius. After the breakthrough hits from HAIR, MacDermot -backed by longtime collaborators and jazz/funk drumming legends in their own right, Bernard Purdie and Idris Muhammad - perfected his sound throughout the following decards on his own imprint, Kilmarnrock Records. The Exodus - an entire album of beats derived soely from Galt MacDermot samples. Recruiting A.G. and Posdnous from De La Soul, as well as current indi artists Murs, Vast Aire, Frank and Dank, MED and more.

Track Listing:
01 Intro
02 Beware
03 Black
04 Get Mines
05 Interlude
06 To Be an MC
07 To Be an MC Reprise

08 Keep Tryin'
09 Know Better
10 Second Change
11 Low Coastin'

12 Hank
13 No Aire
14 Cut Session
15 Smile a Lit Bit
16 Keep it Lit

17 Skit: Callin' in T for Some Food
18 T. Biggums
19 In This
20 Lights Out
21 Basement Interlude
22 Coffee Cold

Produced by Oh No
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