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Stones Throw

Oh No - Dr. No's Oxperiment CD

Oh No - Dr. No's Oxperiment CD

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The funkiest of heavily blunted hip hop beats blended with searing Greek, Turkish, and other parts Mediterranean psychedelia by Oh No -- raising the bar for Stones Throw with one of the most rewarding fusions of hip hop, funk and psychedelia we've ever heard! The story behind Dr No's Oxperiment is that Oh No, fresh from his previous conceptual gem given Galt MacDermot's jazz funk ouvre to work with on the Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms LP, was given the keys to the castle that is label manager DJ Egon's collection of uber rare psych vinyl from the Turkey, Lebanon, Greece, Italy and beyond. The results are incredible -- very few vocal samples, and dozens of genre busting beats like you've never experienced. Think you've heard this kind of thing done before? You're in for it, kid. One the best Stones Throw instrumentals albums -- ever!!! Titles include "Heavy", "Gladius", "Higher", "Breakout", "Ox Broil", "Bouncers", "Alarmsss", "Banger", "No Guest List", "Landmine", "My Luck", "Cosmos", "Action", "Hot Fire", "Come Back", "Fast Gamble", "All Over", "Oxcity Sickness", "Down Under", "Smoky Winds", Slow Down" and more.

Track Listing:

1. Heavy
2. Gladius
3. Higher
4. Breakout
5. Ox Broil
6. Bouncers
7. Alarmsss
8. Banger
9. No Guest List
10. Land Mine
11. My Luck
12. Cosmos
13. Exp Out the Ox
14. Emergency
15. Ohhhhhh
16. Deliveries
17. Come Back
18. Hot Fire
19. Action
20. Ghetto
21. Fast Gamble
22. All Over
23. Mad Piano
24. Oxcity Sickness
25. Cassette
26. Down Under
27. Smokey Winds
28. Slow Down
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