Nortec Collective - Tijuana Sessions Vol. 3, CD

$ 10.00 $ 13.97

Follow up to Tijuana Sessions. Vol. 1, Tijuana's dance/electronica leaders Nortec Collective are five musicians created and perform a style called Nortec - a fusion of norteno ("from the north") and techno, describing the collision between the style and culture of electronic and Mexican music.


Track Listing:
1. Tengo La Voz
2. Tijuana Makes Me Happy
3. Funky Tamazula
4. Don Loope
5. Olvidela Compa
6. Autobanda
7. Dandy del Sur
8. Almada
9. Colorado
10. Narcoteque
11. Esa Banda en Dub featuring Calexico
12. Bar Infierno
13. Revu Rockers
14. Tijuana Bass
15. El Fracaso


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