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Fun Not Fame

No Comply: Skateboarding Speaks on Authority Book, Softback

No Comply: Skateboarding Speaks on Authority Book, Softback

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Back text:
This book went from an idea to completion in three months. The number of skaters interested in commenting on authority was both expected and staggering. The ensemble is non-clique-ish and eclectic, the intent to get cohesive and rounded input from all generations of skateboarding.
Contributor include professional skaters, skating journalists, writers, skateshop owners, teachers, students, college professors, lawyers, engineers, photographers, artists and designers. There are all obligatory animosities and f-bombs you might expect from such a title, but this relationship between skateboarders and authority also gets the unexpected scholarly treatment it deserves from this intelectual cesspool boasting over a dozen college degrees. "No Comply" has something for and from everyone indeed...

Compiled and edited by Chris Long and Travis Jensen

The storytelling of: Airto Jackson, Anthony Pappalardo, Brian Tucci, Brock Essick, Brown, Chris 'Wez" Lundry, Clarkie, Corey Daniel, Dave Miller, David Wallace, Erik Olsen, Frank Atwater, Garet O'Keefe Greg Lang, Ismael Benhamida, Jeff Knutson, Jeremiah Liebrecht, Jessie vanRoechoudt, Jim Gray,Joey Young, Joshua J. Feldman, Karl Watson, Keir Johnson, Kevin McHugh, Lee Smith, Leland B. Ware, Lizzie Lee, Marc Johnson, Mark Whiteley, Matt Derrick, Matt Goodwin, Michael Brooke, Mike York, Nate Sherwood, Nimal, Paul Cote', Richard Hart, Rob Brink, Rory Parker, Rudy Bazorda, Satva Leung, Scottie Vosburgh

with illustrations from:
Darin Bendall, eThos, Ferris Plock, Jay Hakkinen, JTRD, John Rodriguez, Nate Hooper, Paul Urich, Steve Kang

and photography by:
Ando Caulfield, Blair Alley, Bob Kronbauer, Dave Franklin, Isaac McKay-Randozzi, Ken Goto, Mark Whitaker, Yong-Ki Chang

stencil work: Skater Dave

240 Pages with illustrations and b&w photograpghy, Anthology Book
63 contributors
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