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Big Dada

New Flesh - Universally Dirty, CD

New Flesh - Universally Dirty, CD

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This is New Flesh's 3rd LP for Big Dada. New Flesh are Part 2 on studio technique with the Juice Aleem & Toastie Tailor on vocal duties.

With producer & disposable graffiti artist PART 2 mixing up fresh blend of hiphop, dancehall, soca, grime and Britfunk, this is an album which perfectly sums up where Black British music should be - original, vital, infectious & outward-looking, whilst still smashing the floor!

Track Listing:
01 Backyard
02 Wherever We Go
03 How's That
04 Home Movie
05 Who's the Daddy
06 Chocolate Bubbles
07 Arms House
08 Don't Look Now
09 Money Movers
10 Black Marble
11 Trouble ft. LSK
12 Give Up the Fight
13 Come Again
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