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NAC ONE - Natural Reaction, CD

NAC ONE - Natural Reaction, CD

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Bay Area graffiti artist and emcee Nac One (Berkeley, CA.) has been appearing on mix tapes and performing with artists like the Fugees, Nas, Abstract Rude, Freestyle Fellowship and Living Legends since the early 90's. In 2001, with his graffiti/emcee crew FSC, he released the independent classic cd Oneness.

or his national solo debut album Natural Reaction Nac One has teamed with east bay producer Fanatik - best known for his work with Azeem, Planet Asia, Rasco (the hit song "Unassisted") and the instrumental project Phanatik Beats (the first record released on Stones Throw). Heavily influenced by artists like KRS-One, Organized Konfusion and DITC (raps golden era '88-'93) Nac One spits lyrical gems over Fanatik's bomb bap style of beats.

01 Natural Reaction
02 Streak
03 Goin Through It
04 Get Mine
05 Hand Crafted
06 Meditate With Me
07 I Run Styles
08 Words Thoughts
09 Nac One
10 Summertime Joint
11 Winter Again
12 Mega Rats
13 Feel Me
14 Posse Cut
15 Lyrical Warlords
16 It All Comes Back
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