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Mystik Journeymen - Return 2 The Love, CD

Mystik Journeymen - Return 2 The Love, CD

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New full-length album from the Mystik Journeymen, their first in 7 or 8 years and very limited! Remember the "Return 2 the Love EP" (previously available as a download)? They were going to just add a few tracks and make it a quick CD release in anticipation of the Return to Eternia album. But as it turns out there are just a few tracks here from the download and about 8 or 9 new tracks that were not on the EP. This is essentially a "return" to what they "love" about music and all the woes and hardships that come with being independent and still underground for all these years. It's an appreciation for the fans who have taken this journey with the Journeymen as Sunspot and Lucky have grown (and many of us feel like we've grown up with them) and are wiser and better than they have ever been before. Humbled spirits who are returning the favor for all the love they've been shown as members of a West Coast group who truly became Living Legends in underground hip hop! Featuring guest appearances by Scarub, Murs, Grouch, Eligh, Kirby Dominant, Bas1 and Marty James.

Track Listing:

1.    Return
2.    People Ov the Sun (feat. The Grouch)
3.    There Will Be Blood (feat. Murs / Scarub)
4.    CHO CHO (Scenes in a scene are seen)
5.    House ov Cards
6.    Spaceman Libation
7.    The Doorman Song (feat. The Grouch)
8.    Eternadise
9.    Angels and Demons Symphony
10.    John's first words (WHOOO)
11.    Valley of the Dolls (feat. Eligh)
12.    Dream Assasinz Chapterz
13.    Anthill Sheriff (feat. Kirby Dominant / Bas1 / Princess Kutz (Sno))
14.    Chase It (RAW 4-track Underground Mix - Bonus Track) (feat. Marty James (OBR))

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