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Gingko Press

Musikraphics - Visualizing the Rhythm of Music, Hardcover

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"Songwriters and musicians convey complex emotions through their music, and graphic designers and artists are then faced with the challenge to create complimentary graphics to go with them. Arguably as important as book covers in communicating the vibe of the content, record and CD covers, tour posters, stickers and fan club accessories can transcend mere packaging and become timeless cultural ephemera. Focusing on contemporary designs from todays most exciting underground and indie music, pop, country, jazz, R&B, Hip Hop, alternative rock and electronica, Musikraphics provides and amazing selection of designs ranging from pure graphics to artists photography, sticker, collage and silk screened art and innovative packaging for vinyl records and mp3s. Sure to inspire graphic artists designing music related packaging and music insiders alike." - Gingko Press
240 Pages, Paperback
8 1/2" x 10", 200 Illustrations
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