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Murs 3:16 Presents Walk Like A Man CD+DVD, Jewel Case

Murs 3:16 Presents Walk Like A Man CD+DVD, Jewel Case

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Based on the Murs 3:16 album, Walk Like a Man chronicles the day to day lives of two aspiring hip-hop artists Murray (Murs) and Pete (Damien Wigfall) and their quest to remain inspired musicians while enduring their uninspiring day jobs. Though Pete the producer and most optimistic of the duo maintains "it ain't a struggle if it's love" youn Murray, the vocal half of the group, has his doubts. But when an altercation claims the life of the positive half, Murray is faced with the question of avenging his partner's untimely death via the music of the streets.

DVD also includes the complete Murs video anthology. Disc 2 includes NEW exclusive songs from underground artists including Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Blueprint, and more.

- Walk Like a Man the film
- Walk Like a Man behind the scenes featurette
- Audio commentary by Murs
- "Bad Man" video
- "Hustle" video feat. John Cena
-"Risky Bizness" the uncut version feat. Shock G and Humpty Hump

DISC 2 The Soundtrack
01 Lookin' at me Sideways - Brother Ali
02 Dead Presidents - Blueprint
03 Real Major - I Self Devine
04 Love is a Pimp - Atmosphere
05 Miracles - Kice
06 Hustle (remix) - Murs, E-40, Chingo Bling, and John Cena
07 Walk Like a Man - Murs
08 Underground - Vox Vermillion
09 Miles to the Sun - Sunset Leagues
10 F**k You Up - 3MG
11 That's on Me (A Tribute to 45 ACP -RIP) - Murs
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