Mr. SOS - The Pre-Op, EP CD

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Mr. SOS formerly of The CunninLynguist, releases his sophmore album, "The Pre-Op", the prelude to Dr. Strangelove, with production by Deaon The Villain, Tonedeff, and Mr. SOS himself.

Track Listing:
01 Welcome to Planet Earth
02 As the Globe Turns
03 Time
04 The Desert ft. Witchdoctor
05 Nonsense Intro
06 The Nonsense
07 Don't Know My Neighbors ft. Chapter 13
08 Fraud Felines AKA Too Many Cats Be Fakin
09 Chillin With Ice T
10 Let's Go Get Stones
11 Outro
12 Bonus Outlook on Life ft. Kapital Korruption

Bonus Instrumental Tracks
13 Welcome to Planet Earth
14 As the Globe Turns
15 The Desert ft. Witchdoctor
16 Fraud Felines AKA Too Many Cats Be Fakin

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