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Mr. Lif

Mr. Lif - Mo Mega, CD

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Mo' Mega is the long-awaited 2nd album from one of Def Jux's most critically acclaimed artists. To help commit the sound and fury of his most recent soundbombs to tape, Mr. Lif has teamed up with acclaimed producer and longtime collaborator El-P. Along with guest production by Edan and Nick Toth. Guest appearances by Aesop Rock, Akrobatik, Blueprint and Murs.

Track Listing:
01 Collapse
02 Ultra Mega
03 Brothaz
04 The Fries
05 Take, Hold, Fire! (feat El-P & Aesop Rock)
06 Murs Iz My Manager (prod Edan, feat MURS)
07 Washitup!
08 Long Distance
09 Mo' Mega
10 Looking in...
11 For You