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Now Again

Mr. Chop (feat. Heliocentrics) - Lightworlds, LP Vinyl

$ 12.98 USD
Coz Littler, aka Mr. Chop, makes his Now-Again Records debut with Lightworlds. Assisted by Malcolm Catto (drums) and Jake Ferguson (bass) of The Heliocentrics ( Out There - NA 5031) amongst a host of other crack UK session musicians, Mr. Chop offers up a futuristic mixture of psychedelia, funk, jazz and musique concrete informed by years of record collecting and engineering at his Cheshire-based Ape Studios.
Track Listing:
1. The Infinity Machine
2. Transhuman
3. Zoid
4. Conversations
5. Don't Try To Think
6. Stark
7. Metropoli Del Ferro

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