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Change The Beat

Mophono - Lump Sum Slum Lord 7" vinyl

Mophono - Lump Sum Slum Lord 7" vinyl

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The second installment of a limited vinyl series from SF party, Change The Beat.  

Mophono’s unparalleled sense of instrumental narrative makes it difficult to neatly categorize his genre-refracting productions.  His emphasis on simplicity and effectiveness yields captivating results. Side-A crashes through the skull, with hysterical, psychedelic, and pensive swells.  Larger than life breaks accompany a backbone of brooding synth bass.  Its no wonder this song was Detroit beatmaker Tadd Mullinix AKA Dabrye’s first choice to remix for the B-Side.  Lauded as one of the world’s best producers of instrumental hip-hop, we hear Dabrye juxtaposing the original with a mature and wholly engaging interpretation.

Track Listing:

A- Lump Sum Slum Lord
Lump Sum Slum Lord (Dabrye remix)

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