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Molemen - Life Sentence, 12" Vinyl

Molemen - Life Sentence, 12" Vinyl

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3 songs fresh off the Molemens album Killing Fields featuring MCs that are coveted in their respective circles. Saigon (Atlantic/HBOs Entourage) supplies the voice championing New Yorks legacy in hip hop. His 2 Hour Banger displays what he can accomplish on a song in such a short amount of time. Minneapoliss Brother Ali (Rhymesayers) conveys lyrics from his soul on Life Sentence. Memos blue yet optimistic track lays the solid foundation for this smooth collaboration. Myka Nyne (Project Blowed/Haiku DeTat) sheds a positive light over a dark track, handled by PNS, in the song Redemption. This veteran west coast MC shows he can find light in the darkness, and your soul can be redeemed.


1. 2 Hour Banger feat. Saigon
2. Life Sentence feat. Brother Ali
3. Redemption feat. Mikah 9
4. 2 Hour Banger instrumental
5. Life Sentence instrumental
6. Redemption
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