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Battle Axe

Moka Only - Flood, CD

Moka Only - Flood, CD

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A limited edition pressing of a collection of tracks Moka has recorded over the last two years, produced entirely on his own. Guests include: Sunspot Jonz, Mr. Brady, Ishkan and others. As Battle Axe has said about this project..."don't sleep!"

1. Hello, Hello
2. Get Up, Clap Your Hands
3. Livin' It For Ya
4. Walking Through Langford
5. Instrumental Interlude
6. Take It In feat Ishkan
7. Pure Sex
8. Liquid Sunshine feat Gabriel T
9. Instrumental Interlude #2
10. Work Cut Out For Me
11. If You Was (Sunshine) feat Sunspot Jonz
12. Sunday
13. Familiarize Yourself
14. Love Can't Wait
15. The Knock
16. True Analogy feat Mr. Brady
17. No One Loves Me...
18. Instrumental Interlude #3
19. Night Like These
20. Instrumental Outro
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