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Mike Ladd - Vernacular Homicide EP, CD

Mike Ladd - Vernacular Homicide EP, CD

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Fresh off the success of his "Vernacular Homocide" 12-inch EP, Mike Ladd and Ozone Music now bring you the CD version, featuring exclusive new tracks, flipping it once again. It veer jaggedly into the world of rock, emo, and electronic, burning a hip hop vapor trail the whole way. Think Velvet Underground, Grace Jones, UTFO, Gil Scott Heron & Aaron Copeland, all filtered through a drum machine and youll start to get the idea.

1. Foxwoods
2. The Last Word
3. Poseidons Reigns
4. Northampton
5. Cookie Jar
6. Music For Tanks
7. The Art of Timing (Freestyle poem of Moms)
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