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Mike Ladd Shirt, Black

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Mike Ladd makes music he wants to hear on his Walkman. Fucked-up subway shit. Get out to the park 79 degree-type shit. Or it's cold & cloudy but you're with somebody you dig-type shit. It's City music that's headed for the outskirts the new dirty suburbs where all the misfits have come & gone: Bad Brains, De La Soul, Public Enemy, Divine Styler, Fishbone, Ween. More than anything, its music for the Afterfuture, music for a time even science fiction can't keep up with. Haille-Bop all the way home. Fuck you and your wonderful life-type shit. It's stuck in transit, but in a beautiful way just like we are. We begged some XXLs from a Japanese distributor, but once they're gone that's it...