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Michael Sieben - There's Nothing Wrong With You (Hopefully), Hardcover

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Ask Michael Sieben to describe his work and he'll tell you it's soft-core gore that focuses on the fading magic of childhood and its associated loss of innocence. His characters and creatures are unique in that they are both cute and grotesque; their purpose in life is to remind us that even though we have problems we still have reason to smile. According to his website, Michael spends his time designing skateboard graphics for Roger Skateboards, writing and illustrating articles for Thrasher Magazine, operating the Okay Mountain Gallery with his fellow mountaineers, working on various freelance projects with the Volcom Art Loft, painting and drawing for personal enjoyment, skateboarding and smiling. There's Nothing Wrong With You (Hopefully) leaves no doubt whatsoever about Michael Sieben the artist's powers of concentration and observation.
96 pages