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Melina Jones

Melina Jones - Swearing Off Busters, CD

Melina Jones - Swearing Off Busters, CD

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Representing for San Francisco, Melina Jones is your new favorite rapper. The deaughter of accomplished soul man Ernest East (who played with Donald 'Duck' bailey, East and Wes and the Invaders), Melina was born with music in blood. She has been performing publicly for nearly a decade, and in 2002 co-founded the hip-hop collective Sum Of Forces. Previously known as Only Child, Melina and her SOF crew have rocked assorted venue all over the Bay.

For her much-anticipated first solo album, Melina teams up with SF produced DJ Deedot (Nate Krooks, Tres Beats) and Hen Boogie (Dereliks), creating a complete work that flaunts her sophisticated storytelling and exceptional voice.

Melina Jones and "Swearing Off Busters" appeals to everyone from the jaded, hardcore, underground hip-hop fan to the hip hop newcomer.


1. Intro
2. Picket Fences
3. O-N-L-Y
4. Rock With Fire
5. Knock Ya' Block Off
6. Sweet
7. Family
8. Love In Progress
9. Know About (The City Of St. Francis)
10. Wrap You Up
11. Smooth Intro
12. Tunnel Vision
13. Check-Out-It
14. We Out
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