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MASPYKE - Static, CD

MASPYKE - Static, CD

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STATIC takes a giant leap forward for the group providing listeners with 14 progressive hardcore underground hip hop tracks with beats by Roddy Rod. Each song stands alone as an aural achievement, from the cascading horns of "Lightly Anxious" to the bass shaking thump of "Step". lyrically STATIC's main emcee's Hanif-Jamiyl and Tableek interweave the static theme around the dichotomy of positive and negative with perfection, bringing to mind comparisons of great Hip hop groups from the past and present while uniquely maintaining a keen eye on the future, feelings on today's political strife, the current state of hip hop, and relationships.

Track Listing:

01 Static I
02 Recipe
03 The Summons
04 Nevaleave
05 Step
06 The Writer
07 Static II
08 Red Zinger (feat. 4ever)
09 Let it Go
10 Lightly Anxious
11 Summa
12 Bells of Winchester Sq. (feat. Reef)
13 Goody 2 Shoes
14 No Big Deal
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