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Lyrics Born - Everywhere At Once, CD (Autographed)

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Autographed while supplies last. 

Lyrics Born (a.k.a. Tom Shimura) has long been known for his innovative beats, creative collaborations, and soulful vocals. Here he takes a giant leap forward in song craft, incorporating elements such as pop, reggaeton, and R&B. It's the rare MC who can bridge the gap between hip-hop and alternative rock, owning the crowd at Bonnaroo and Bumbershoot.


Track Listing:


1. Intro Tag
2. Don't Change feat. Myron Glasper, DJ D Sharp
3. Hott 2 Deff feat. Chali 2na, Joyo Velarde
4. Differences feat. Joyo Velarde, B'Nai
5. Cakewalk feat. Trackademicks, Baby Jaymes
6. Shoe Hoes Anonymous (Skit)
7. I'm A Phreak
8. I Like It, I Love it
9. The World Is Calling feat. Joyo Velarde
10. Top Shelf (Anything U Want)
11. Is It The Skin I'm In? feat. Myron Glasper
12. Homeland Security (Skit)
13. Do U Buy It?
14. Rules Were Meant To Be Broken
15. Whispers feat. C. Holiday
16. I Can't Decide (Everywhere At Once) feat. Myron Glasper
17. ReIntro (Bonus)
18. Let Me In, Let Me Out (Remix) (Bonus)


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