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Luv N' Haight - Deja Vu, CD

Luv N' Haight - Deja Vu, CD

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It's official: jazz, funk, and soul have gone global. From Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan, all through Europe, to the United States, west coast, east coast, and all points in between, the clued-up clubs and discerning dancefloors are throbbing to the predominantly black American sounds of the seventies.

The result of this upsurge in interest is that legions of intrepid collectors have scoured the States in search of those hidden hordes of vital vinyl, leaving no meat on the bones of any record store, warehouse or private collection in their path. It is still possible to find almost any record you desire, but you'll need the right connections, in the right place, at the right time.

1. Deja Vu
Weldon Irvine
2. Confusion
Ivan "Boogaloo" Joe Jones
3. Can I Be Your Squeeze
Chuck Carbo
4. Africana
The Propositions
5. Humpty Dump
The Vibrettes
6. Hot Block
7. Sweetie Pie
Stone Alliance
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