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Loer Velocity - Ready for a Renaissance, CD

Loer Velocity - Ready for a Renaissance, CD

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Coming from a background of emcee battles, club promotions and graff writing, Loe found himself at the heart of a growing scene, sharing the stage with, then, up & coming artists such as Sara Jones, Mos Def, Mums, Talib Kweli, and Saul Williams at venues like The Nuyorican Poets Cafe and S.O.B's as early as 1995. Album features guest appearances by E-Dot, Donnan Linkz, Sav Killz, CVees, Poison Pen, plus production by Chris Jarvis, Donnan Linkz, and DJ Ese and more.

Track Listing:
01 Renaissance Man Intro
02 Nuth'n
03 Song I Sing
04 Serenade of Transitional Conflict
05 Crash Test Dummy ft. Poison Pen
06 So High Intro
07 So High
08 Get the $ ft. Donnan Linx
09 World of Poverty
10 Bummed Out
11 Centrifugal Ciphas ft. Sav Kills
12 Convo Intro
13 Convo Piece ft. Skychild
14 Rehab ft. Edot and Cvees
15 A-Z
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