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Livity - Hikuli Overnight Bag, Black

Livity - Hikuli Overnight Bag, Black

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100% Hemp

Large carrier bag features embroidered pattern detailing at front and back side of bag. Green pleather straps and piping throughout entire outside of bag. Zippered compartment and velcro pocket on the outside of bag. Small green stone at back side of bag above the outside velcro pocket. The bag zips completely open from the right or left side and has two main compartment zippers. Un-zip the bag to reveal ample storage space. Inner lining of bag features an all over print pattern design on a polyester type fabric. Velcro compartment storage pocket on the inner side of bag along with zippered compartment which hangs from two mini straps.
Livity Outernational is a one-love inspired lifestyle brand owned and operated by a multiculural group of artists, travelers, musicians, teachers, activists and athletes. Livity is committed to preserving our natural environment by making all products from Sustainable Materials. Livity produces garments and accessories made from organic materials such as natural raffia straw, organic cotton, recycled plastics and hemp. Livity provides fare wages and good employment opportunities to economically disadvantaged artisans and farmers.
Sizing: 19"L x 14"H x 4.5"W
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