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Lifesavas - Gutterfly: The Original Soundtrack, CD

Lifesavas - Gutterfly: The Original Soundtrack, CD

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At the core of LIFESAVAS' artistry is their passionate commitment to preserving the culture by focusing on lyrical integrity and signature beats. LIFESAVAS' vibe is immersed in soul and futuristic funk, with dazzling tag-team rhymes and impeccable production. With each song they recall defining moments in hip-hop history, while also offering a progressive view of hip-hop's future. LIFESAVAS' sophomore album Gutterfly is the embodiment of their passion. The duo's songwriting skills are showcased in the arrangements of a collection of daring concepts and subject matter.

Gutterfly's narrative includes 14 tracks with a thread of interludes, and traces the fictional deeds of a trio of ghetto superheroes - Bumpy Johnson (played by VURS as if his life depended on it), Sleepy Floyd (a character wholly inhabited by JUMBO) and Jimmy Slimwater (personified by SHINES) - who fight their way out of the perilous confines of a mythologized Portland, Razorbade City, in a way that's reminiscent of the creation myth behind many a great hip-hop partnership in the history of the genre (from Outkast to Tribe Called Quest). Inspired by an obscure, long-forgotten film project from the `80s of the same name, Gutterfly draws its source material not only from Baraka Feldman's original concept but also from the blaxploitation films of the `70s, such as "Coonskin" and the Zatoichi series of Japanese cult films, and the desire to shatter fans' expectations about what Lifesavas represent.


1. Intro-Welcome To Razorblade City
2. Double Up
3. Gutterfly - (with Camp Lo)
4. No Surprise-Scene 1-Fly Paper
5. Shine Language
6. Take Me Away
7. Serpent's Love-Scene 2-Jimmy Slimwater's New Orleans Funeral, A - (with ISH)
8. Dead Ones-Scene 3-Revenge - (with Fishbone)
9. Warning, The
10. Superburn-Scene 4-Trouble
11. Night Out-Scene 5-Connects - (with George Clinton/Meganut)
12. Squeeze, The - (with Smif 'N' Wessun)
13. Long Letter - (with Don Blackman)
14. Freedom Walk-Scene 6-Marvelous The Mouthpiece - (with Dead Prez/Vernon Reid)
15. Celebrate-Finale
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