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Lifeforce Trio - Living Room, CD

Lifeforce Trio - Living Room, CD

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The Lifeforce Trio was conceived and founded by Carlos Nino (Ammoncontact, Build an Ark, Hu Vibrational, The Sound of L.A...)when he started production on celebrated soul-jazz singer Dwight Trible's Love is the Answer in Summer 2003.


The vibes and spirits at play on "Living Room" are very much the real thing: Sly's funk and energy, Sun Ra's spacey jazz genius, the manic passion of 'Trane (Alice and John), and most of all Nino's own cooly effervescent soul.


Track Listing:
01 Coliseum
02 Space Flowers/Carousel
03 Starship
04 Blue Line, Watts Bound
The Shadows Took Shape
01 Soul Mates, Like Thunder and Lightning
02 Tone Poem
03 Luminous
04 Alice!
05 Orbit (Spaceways Radio Theme, Forever)

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