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Ledisi - Soulsinger The Revival, CD

$ 15.00 USD

The remastered and remixed Soulsinger album including the bonus track "Hold on to Love," featuring Me'shell Ndegeocello on bass and "Soulsinger," live from the well-known jazz spot, Yoshi's, in Oakland.

1. Get outta my kitchen
2. Stop livin in ya head
3. Take time
4. You are my friend
5. Coffee
6. Good lovin
7. Hotel
8. Dreaming interlude
9. Free again
10. Soulsinger
11. My prayers
12. In my life
13. Groove on
14. I want'cha babe
15. I want'cha babe interlude
16. Papa loved to love me
17. Soulsinger Live @ Yoshi's
18. Hold on to love
19. Snoring