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Stones Throw

Koushik - Be With, CD

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Koushik's haunting vocals float high above intricate beats, elevating the art form to new levels with samples from every imaginable source. Free jazz, psychedelic rock, bizarre 80s pop..You name the style and it has crept its way from Koushik's crates to his sampler.

Track Listing:
1. Be With
2. Homage
3. Pretty Soon
4. Take It Back (Interlude)
5. Winter Sun (Interlude)
6. One In A Day
7. Back To The End
8. Too Many Ways
9. Ride Out
10. Ride It Out
11. Battles Rhymes for Battle Times
12. Younger Than Today pt. 1
13. Ew
14. Only Dreaming

CD Notes:
Tracks 1-4 from "Be With" 12" single (Stones Throw)
Tracks 5-10 from "One In A Day" 12" EP (Stones Throw)
Tracks 11-14 from "Battle Times" 7" EP (Text Records)