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Stones Throw

Koreatown Oddity - Finna Be Past Tense, LP Vinyl + Download Card

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Dominique Purdy (a.k.a. Koreatown Oddity) contemplates life, death, and the passage of time with his new release.   Finna Be Past Tense is his first album with Stones Throw, and was produced entirely by Vex Ruffin.

Finna Be Past Tense cover art by Oscar Ayala.

Includes MP3 download card.

Track Listing:

1. Land Before Time

2. Fucking Dinosaurs

3. They W/Swift

4. Yesterday's News

5. Mood Of The Grind

6. A Break From The Drama Of Life Drunk At The West T-Shirt Contest

7. Don't Say 2 Or 1 W/Black Moses

8. Spinning Axis W/Tron7seize

9. Depressed But Hopeful

10. Meditative Thought

11. Regret Is Useless

12. Time After Technology W/Joyce Wrice