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Kool Keith

Kool Keith - Collabs Tape, 2xCD

Kool Keith - Collabs Tape, 2xCD

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Kool Keith Collabs Tape, 2xCD

DJ Junkas Lou mashes up 42 classic joints including exclusives and never-released songs by Dr. Dooom himself, Kool Keith. Featuring O.D.B., Guru, Sadat X, MF Doom, Ice-T, Chino XL, Dan the Automator, Sir Menelik, Percee P., Roger Troutman, Big Shug, Ultramagnetic MCs and many more. Keep it real...Represent what?

Disc 1
1. Collabs Intro feat. DJ Junkaz Lou
2. Mankind Theme feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard
3. Biology 101 feat. Sir Menelik
4. Sugar feat. Nancy Des Rose
5. Return Of The B.Girl feat. T.Love
6. Freestyle feat. Chino XL
7. Bamboozled (Junkaz Lou Remix) feat. Sinistre, Marc Live, Dr Octopuss, Jacky Jasper
8. I Ain't Having It feat. Tim Dog
9. Me Showed Up feat. Jacky Jasper
10. Young Ladies feat. Guru, Big Shug, Patra
11. Voices feat. Godfather Don
12. What's Up Now feat. H-Bomb, Marc Live
13. Doper Skiller feat. Victor Vaughn (aka M.F. DOOM)
14. Exclusive #1
15. Party Baby feat. Roger Troutman
16. Outtatowniggaz feat. Born 2wice, Tim Dog
17. Untitled
18. Static feat. Sadat X
19. Destruction Mission feat. Earatik Statik, Black Silver
20. Exclusive #2
21. Freaks feat. El Gant

Disc 2
1. Diesel Power feat. The Prodigy
2. Mental Side Effects feat. Fat Hed, H
3. Can't Fuck Wit This feat. Marc Live
4. Hands On Experience Pt. 2 feat. High & Mighty, What? What?, Bobbito Garcia
5. Shake It Baby feat. Motion Man
6. Truck Jewlz feat. Black Silver
7. Kick A Dope Verse (Remix) feat. The Cenobites
8. King Of NY feat. Dan The Automator
9. Operation X
10. Keith 'N' Me feat. Princess Superstar
11. On Tha Track feat. H-Bomb
12. Analog Anihilator vs Silver Surfer feat. Analog Brothers
13. Stank MC's feat. Smut Peddlers
14. Magnetische Velden feat. Brainpower
15. How We Got It feat. Rhymestyle, Black Silver, Mr. Tan
16. Checkin' Tha Doe feat. Clayborne, Tim Dog
17. Freestyle feat. Ice-T
18. Supreme Sound feat. Nancy Des Rose
19. Ultra Reunion feat. Ultramagnetic MC's
20. You're Late feat. The Cenobites, Percee P
21. All Night Everyday feat. Esham, Heather Hunter

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