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Kill The Vultures - Kill The Vultures, CD

Kill The Vultures - Kill The Vultures, CD

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Kill the Vultures don't make hip-hop. They make junk hop: insulated, spare and stripped-down. Willfully restrained, raw and uncooked, 'Kill the Vultures' is a masterful exercise in excision and reduction.

Shedding the skin of their previous outing as Oddjobs, MCs Advizer (Adam Waytz), Crescent Moon (Alexei Casselle) and Nomi (Mario De Mira) push hip-hop in a new direction through the tunnel vision and bare-bones production of Anatomy (Stephen Lewis). 'Kill the Vultures' is an album largely inspired by the gloom that accompanies the Minnesota winter.


01. Lovin' You Dangerous
02. Hidden Signals
03. Vultures
04. 7-8-9
05. Good Intentions
06. Sick Days Are Upon Us
07. Beasts of Burden
08. Howl N' Heal
09. Behind These Eyes
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