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Kid Koala - Some Of My Best Friends are DJs, CD

Kid Koala - Some Of My Best Friends are DJs, CD

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The second full length album by Kid Koala. It's the Koala you know and love, a turntablised soundtrack of more antics of the cranky and mysterious characters from Kid's comic book land of Nufonia. This album is far less dense and weird than the debut, but still a strange stew. A cross between his first mix tape and his debut record. More short attention span theatre covering ground that ranges from jazz standards, funeral marches, ska tracks, some straight up instrumental hip-hop stompers, and behind the scenes looks at his previous hits.

The album comes with a 50-page comic full of the continuing adventures of Negatron, Skid, Grandmaphone et al. The CD includes the strange Basin Street Blues video and a travel chess kit!

01 - Strat Hear
02 - Basin Street Blues
03 - Radio Nufonia
04 - Stompin' at Le Savoy
05 - Space Cadet 2
06 - Grandmaphone Speaks
07 - Skanky Panky
08 - Flu Season
09 - Robochacha
10 - Elevator Hopper
11 - Annie's Parlour
12 - On the Set of Fender Bender
13 - More Dance Music
14 - Vacation Island
15 - Negatron Speaks
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