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Kayer - El Extranjero, CD

Kayer - El Extranjero, CD

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All new full length album from the Costa-Rican-turned-Bay-Area emcee Kayer. With production help from Cosiner, this cd keeps it eclectic by infusing hip hop and latin beats and even some reggaeton!

Track Listing:

1. La Fogata Wordplay
2. En Este Verano
3. Disfrutando
4. A Ver Tu Rumba (Reggaeton Mix)
5. Otro Mundo (Interlude)
6. Lentes Oscuros (Callejero/Campesino)
7. Alarm Americana
8. No Destinacion
9. Vamanos (Interlude)
10. Paraiso
11. Dos Lenguas
12. Viva Los Ultimos Dias
13. Outro
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