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Jurassic 5 - J5-11th Anniversary Re-Issue, CD+DVD (3 Disc)

Jurassic 5 - J5-11th Anniversary Re-Issue, CD+DVD (3 Disc)

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"Pioneering Los Angeles '90s and '00s underground Hip Hop collective Jurassic 5 will be re-releasing their self-titled 1997 EP on November 11th. The original album spawned the hits "Jayou," "Concrete Schoolyard" and the Steinski & Double Dee series tribute record "Lesson 6 (Reprise)." The success of the EP, which has been contractually out of print since 2004, led to the group signing with Interscope Records, where they released three full-length albums.

Seventeen rare and unreleased tracks will be included on the new version. Included are bonus beats from DJ Nu-Mark, the rare "Lesson 4," and various radio appearances and live performance sequences. Also included is a DVD, which includes a full performance, and a 30-minute documentary about the earliest days of the group, formed in the early '90s."


Track Listing:

1. In The Flesh
2. Quality Control Part II
3. Jayou
4. Lesson 6: The Lecture
5. Concrete Schoolyard
6. Setup
7. Action Satisfaction
8. Sausage Gut
9. Improvise
10. Blacktop Beat
11. Without A Doubt
12. Lesson 6 (Reprise)
13. Action Satisfaction (Dub)

1. Ignition Sequence
2. Ducky Boy
3. Verbal Gunfight
4. Rubber Tires
5. Long Road To Glory
6. Ghetto Diplomat
7. Lession Four: The Radio
8. Jayou Remix
9. The Rhythm
10. (Who's Gonna Be The) Next Victim
11. The Joint Freestyle
12. The Joint Promo
13. Wake Up Show Promo
14. Power 106 Promo
15. Unified Rebelution

1. The Jurassic Period (Movie)
2. The Brixton Academy Concert
3. Concrete Schoolyard (Music Video)

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